Center for Positive Change Inc is dedicated to Awakening Potential, Changing Lives.

At Center for Positive Change, we perform outpatient behavioral health. We provide the best possible setting for therapy by providing the resources required to deliver quality patient care. Our facilities offer a comfortable environment that is conducive to the therapuetic process and priceless in the understanding of prevention, management and advancement of healthy lifestyles.

Center of Positive Change (cPc) offers comprehensive services to accommodate our diverse community by providing a supportive community based in behavioral health, educational programs and other diverse services by extending out the best care to the child, the adult, the family and to the community…

CPC is CARF accrediated agency. Accreditation assists CPC to improve the quality of our services and meet internationally recognized standards. It also shows our commitment to continuously improve service quality and to focus on the satisfaction of our customers.

Our belief is that we are in service to our community reaching out to assist those in need. It is our belief that our dedication and allegiance to our families, adults, children and youth in which we serve to assist in their stability, by being innovative trailblazers in our effort to utilize the most resourceful and unique interventions and fully comprehensive services.

The Center for Positive Change (CPC) provides a confidential setting in which consumers/clients may explore a variety concerns, issues or problems. We also make referrals when applicable and have keynotes speakers.

What We Do:

We are a comprehensive therapeutic counseling agency that offers a variety of behavioral health services as well as a specialized services and programs that are provided in diverse settings may not be limited to the following:

Assessments: Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Psychotherapy: Individual psychotherapy Family psychotherapy Group psychotherapy

Rehabilative Services: Individual Rehabilative Services Group Rehabilitative Services Case Management

Specialized Services: Psychological Testing Substance Abuse

Counseling Mental Health Counseling: Marriage Counseling Grief

Counseling Domestic Violence Sexual Abuse: Complex Psychological Trauma

Groups: Domestic Violence Parenting Anger Management Social

Skills Stress Management: Life Skills Prevention and Education

Other Services: Psycho-educational and Prevention


At our office School Based Home based

note: sessions are in confidential setting
Call Us Today!

If your are experiencing any problems, situations or issues no matter how large or small….we are here to provide outpatient behavioral and substance abuse services.

Please contact us for further information. We look forward to hearing from you!

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